Hamilton Furnaces

By heating, circulating, and filtering indoor air, a properly working furnace has become an essential component to any healthy home. Improve the performance and lifetime of your furnace by trusting Hamilton’s furnace experts.

From installation to repairs and routine maintenance our certified technicians keep your furnace running quietly, smoothly and efficiently. Achieve maximum furnace performance by scheduling annual maintenance with the experts at Hamilton Home Comfort.

In addition to Hamilton we serve the surrounding areas of Stoney Creek, Binbrook, Grimsby, Burlington, Ancaster, Dundas, Milton, Oakville and St. Catherines.



Napoleon Logo

Hamilton Home Comfort proudly installs and maintains Napoleon Gas Furnaces, including the 9500 series, 9600 series, and 9700 series.  Napoleon Furnaces are engineered and manufactured in Canada.

Napoleon 9700 Gas Furnace

Featuring a two-stage gas valve and a variable speed, energy efficient ECM blower motor, the Ultimate 9700 Series creates a consistent, comfortable temperature throughout your home.

Napoleon 9600 Gas Furnace

Napoleon’s superior engineering and design on the 9600 series guarantees consistent and comfortable temperatures throughout your home for many winters to come.

Napoleon 9500 Gas Furnace

Superior engineering and design make it one of the most reliable gas furnaces on the market.  With Napoleon’s 9500 Series gas furnace, you’ll be enjoying warm temperatures all winter long.



Goodman AC & Heating Logo

For over three decades, the Goodman brand has focused on the design, engineering, and manufacture of dependable products that have homeowners achieve reliable, high-quality, and affordable indoor comfort.

Goodman Gas Furnace GMEC96

This Goodman GMEC96 gas furnace has an AFUE rating of up to 96%, which means that up to 96 cents of every $1.00 of heating energy expense warms your home.



lennox logo

Lennox makes some of the most energy-efficient home furnaces you can buy. This can add up to serious savings on your utility bills.

lennox slp98v furnace

The Dave Lennox SLP98V Variable Capacity Gas Furnace offers the quietest high efficiency furnace you can buy.

Lennox EL296V

The Lennox EL296V High Efficiency, Two Stage Gas Furnace offers high efficiency variable speed heating.

Lennox EL296E Furnace

The Lennox EL296E‘s Power Saver™ Constant Torque motor is up to 33% more efficient than standard single-stage motors and up to 200% more efficient in constant fan mode.

EL195E Gas Furnace

The Lennox EL195E‘s Power Saver™ Constant Torque motor is up to 33% more efficient than standard single-stage motors and up to 200% more efficient in constant fan mode.

lennox 95af2v furnace

The variable speed fan motor found in the 95AF2V helps create more even warmth throughout your home. By starting up slowly, the 95AF2V can operate with reduced noise levels, while also reducing cold blasts of air as the furnace starts up.



KeepRite Logo

Hamilton Home Comfort is proud to install KeepRite Furnace Models and provide you with any maintenance if need be. KeepRite brand furnaces can quickly heat your home when turned on and safely delivers constant heat while being very efficient with your gas and energy.




Count on a Coleman® gas furnace for quality and dependability you can feel. Our high performance lineup of furnace systems is engineered for outstanding durability and energy efficiency.