Insta-Flame and Northern Flame Recall

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acquistare viagra on line è reato In the 1980’s, direct vent technology was created, making the installation of a gas fireplace virtually anywhere in the home, possible. Since this time the direct vent fireplace has had ups and downs. Direct vent fireplaces, despite its past, continues to increase in popularity because of its versatility and heat efficiency. Traditional gas fireplaces, however,… Read more »

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Heating your Basement Efficiently

source link Posted by & filed under Heating. In the winter, many homeowners ask the same question; should I heat my basement? And if so, how? Whether your basement is finished, partially finished, or unfinished it’s important to know how heating your basement can affect the overall comfort of your whole home. There are several factors to consider when determining whether to heat… Read more »

What Is A BTU And How Many Do I Need For My Gas Fireplace? Posted by & filed under Fireplaces, Heating. If you’ve started shopping around for a gas fireplace, you’ve probably been impressed with all the different styles that are available and likely gotten a pretty good idea of what you think would be just perfect for your living room, family room etc.. But then you’ve also run into the question of BTUs. You might… Read more »