Sealing Your Windows and Doors to Prevent Heat Loss Posted by & filed under Energy Saving, Heating.

follow About half of every energy dollar you spend goes towards heating your home. Your windows and doors are often a major factor in energy loss in your home and you certainly don’t want that money leaving through cracks and windows. Insulation and draft proofing can make your home more comfortable and quiet, while saving energy… Read more »

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What are Patioflame Tables? Posted by & filed under Fireplaces.

dove acquistare viagra generico 25 mg a Genova With stars twinkling above during the summer or cooler fall nights, there is something special about family and friends gathering around a roaring fire. If you have an area in your backyard or cottage that could use a unique spruce up, patioflame tables offer you the beauty and warmth of a campfire experience without the… Read more »

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