XC20 Elite® Series Air Conditioner


XC20 air conditioner

Looking for a highly efficient air conditioner that can cool your house down with minimal energy costs? Well look no further than the XC20 Elite® Series Air Conditioner. Recognized as one of 2015 ENERGY STAR’s Most Efficient Appliances out there, the XC20 Elite® has a sound level as low as 65 dB and makes cooling outputs in many small increments in order to make your house feel perfectly comfortable.

It has a 20.00 seasonal energy efficiency ratio (a.k.a. SEER) rating and can save you hundreds of dollars a year when compared to the standard air conditioner. If you are interested in the XC20 Air Conditioner and you are located in the Stoney Creek, Milton, or Grimsby area then contact Hamilton Home Comfort today! If you wish to know more about this Air Conditioner then click here to visit the official Lennox product description.


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