Can an Old Furnace Cause Health Problems?

farmacia viagra generico 50 mg a Venezia Posted by & filed under Furnace Maintenance. You are probably aware that as your furnace ages, it is more likely to break down and cost you more money as it loses its energy efficiency. But did you know that an older furnace can also pose potential health problems for you and your family? Here are a few ways in which your old… Read more »

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Reduce Energy Consumption & Maintain Comfortable Home Temperatures in Winter

go Posted by & filed under Energy Saving. With the winter upon us, homeowners should consider the numerous tasks that need to be done to get their home ready for plunging temperatures. Getting the interior of your house prepared for the frigid winds, snow, sleet and ice is critical for keeping your home in tip-top shape so that you stay safe, warm and… Read more »

Tips on Buying a Gas Furnace

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When considering replacing your old furnace, a gas furnace is an excellent alternative to their electronic counterparts due to their energy-efficiency. Heating with gas has been long known for it being the fuel of choice since it is the most economical.     All new natural gas furnaces available today are high-efficiency, with an Annual Fuel Utilization… Read more »

What to Consider When Choosing Your Fireplace

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A fireplace can act as a stylistic centrepiece in your home, but first, you must decide on a fireplace’s primary purpose. It can anchor two rooms and provide a welcoming area for relaxation or socialization. It can also be used for heat-efficiency, aesthetics or a combination of both, so it’s important to communicate this information… Read more »

Keep Up With Your Fireplace Maintenance

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There is nothing better than curling up near a roaring fire when the nights get cooler, the leaves fall from the trees, and the air becomes crisp. The warmth of a fireplace can draw family members together during the cold weather months. It can become an intimate place to share with friends, but a fireplace… Read more »

Benefits of an Outdoor Fireplace

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An outdoor fireplace is a great addition to any backyard as a welcoming focal point for your home.  Having an outdoor fireplace is one of the latest popular trends for home renovations that combine comfort and warmth outside for many months.   With an outdoor fireplace, you can enjoy the lit skies of summer or… Read more »

Is your AC summer ready?

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It’s been a long wait but summer is finally here, and it looks like it’s going to be a hot one here in Hamilton! While you may enjoy the summer weather, sometimes the heat and humidity can get to be a bit too much. The last thing you want is an air conditioner that isn’t… Read more »