The Importance of Indoor Air Quality During COVID-19

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  The importance of wearing masks during COVID-19 is constantly being publicized through the media. However, as important as they are, they only protect the air that we breathe: HVAC systems work to keep a building’s airflow healthy. Here’s why having clean indoor air filters is always important – and even more so during our current pandemic…. Read more »

How long does a furnace last?

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Your home’s furnace makes sure you have a warm, cozy place to enjoy the cold Hamilton winters, but how long can you go until you need to replace it? Replacing the furnace in your home can be a major expense that no one wants to handle, but eventually, you will need to replace the furnace… Read more »

Tips on Buying a Gas Furnace

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When considering replacing your old furnace, a gas furnace is an excellent alternative to their electronic counterparts due to their energy-efficiency. Heating with gas has been long known for it being the fuel of choice since it is the most economical.     All new natural gas furnaces available today are high-efficiency, with an Annual Fuel Utilization… Read more »

Winter Furnace Maintenance Tips

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Groundhog day has come and gone and despite what Wiarton Willy has to say, winter is here to stay. At least for the next six weeks. Keep those toes toasty with your reliable furnace. When you first turned the heat on this fall, your furnace didn’t let you down. As the cold blustery winter continues,… Read more »