Common Furnace Problems

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Like it or not, we live in a climate that requires our homes to have heating during the winter months. Our complete dependence on our furnaces to provide us with a comfortable and warm home sometimes makes us feel helpless when our furnace isn’t working properly. There are some common problems that can occur with… Read more »

Furnace Filters

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An efficient and properly fit furnace can make all the difference in your home – both in terms of having it heated properly and efficiently and in terms of the quality of air in your house. For those of us who battle cold winters, a good furnace is not just preferred, it is essential. Although… Read more »

What’s in a Furnace?

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The home furnace is a piece of equipment that provides families with warmth through high- temperature heating. Its name is derived from the Greek word fornax, which means oven. A household furnace performs one of the most important functions in a home. It is permanently installed to provide heat to the interior of the home… Read more »

Winterize your Home before Winter Hits

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When someone has the dream of owning their home, they often fail to understand the responsibility that goes along with it. A homeowner has to take care of their home, inside and out, during every month of the year. Special precautions need to be taken as the cool weather of autumn turns into the freezing… Read more »