Should I Get a Smart Thermostat?

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Did you know that heating and cooling accounts for nearly half of your home’s energy costs? Most homeowners dread getting their utility bills because rates have skyrocketed in the past years making heating and cooling more expensive than ever before; however, there is something that you can do to combat the costs with the new technology… Read more »

8 Signs Your Furnace is Getting Old

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  The winter is about to descend on South Western Ontario, and like so many previous years, we could be hit with a season of frigid temperatures including an abundance of ice, sleet and snow. During the cold winter months, it’s important that your furnace is running at peak operation so that you are safe… Read more »

Heating your Basement Efficiently

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In the winter, many homeowners ask the same question; should I heat my basement? And if so, how? Whether your basement is finished, partially finished, or unfinished it’s important to know how heating your basement can affect the overall comfort of your whole home. There are several factors to consider when determining whether to heat… Read more »