At Hamilton Home Comfort we are dedicated to providing the finest products and most reliable service you can get for your home. Our team of experts can provide every service you need including fireplace installation, maintenance, and repair. This fireplace gallery provides a few photos of installation projects we have completed for our customers in the past in Hamilton and the surrounding areas of Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Burlington, Grimsby and Binbrook.

gas fireplace insert
gas fireplace with large tv above
gas insert
wood fireplace replaced with insert



gas fireplace and tv above
gas fireplace in island
gas fireplace in living room
gas fireplace close-up in living room



gas fireplace with stone mantle
corner stove
corner stove
patio flame table



basement gas fireplace
gas insert
basement fireplace, tv from front
tv, gireplace and cabinets



wall unit
modern wall unit
gas fireplace, wood mantel
tv over fireplace and white cabinets beside



fireplace with gray brick
gas fireplace with tv
gas fireplace and brick
gas fireplace and white mantel



fireplace in marble wall
fireplace in wooden mantle 2
fireplace below screen
fireplace in stone mantle



tv wall above fireplace mantle
gas fireplace in brick wall
gas stove in corner
gas fireplace in mantle



tree in front of gas fireplace and tv
tv over fireplace with shelving on sides
tv viewing with gas fireplace
gas stove



crystallo over bathtub
fireplace in brick mantel
gas fireplace in mantel
fireplace and tv in marble



fireplace and tv in marble front view
gas fireplace in white brick mantel
gas fireplace
fireplace in table



gas fireplace with tv mounted above
gas fireplace and tv
modern looking fireplace and tv
gas fireplace and logs



gas fireplace with wooden beam on top of mantle
gas fireplace and tv on column
gas fireplace on brick mantel
gas fireplace with tv on top of mantle



gas fireplace brick mantel
gas fireplace in stone column
gas fireplace brick mantel
gas stove in corner



gas fireplace and tv on mantel
gas fireplace with wood mantel
gas fireplace with faux brick mantel
gas fireplace wood mantel



gas fireplace with tv above
simple gas fireplace and white mantel
wood fireplace
gas fireplace and stone mantel



gas fireplace
gas fireplace with room for tv above
gas fireplace with brick mantel
gas fireplace at christmas



Wall Mounted Fireplace
Vertical Wall Mounted Fireplace
Wall Fireplace
Installed Fireplace



Fully Installed Home Fireplace
Framed Fireplace
Gas Fireplace
Built-in Fireplace



Wall Fireplace
modern insert
Gas Stove Fireplace
Installed Gas Stove Fireplace



Home Direct Vent Gas Fireplace
Installed Napoleon Fireplace
Wall Mounted Gas Fireplace
Fireplace Installation in Progress



Fireplace Installed by Hamilton Home Comfort
Napoleon Ascent GX70 Installed
Wall installed Fireplace
Living room fireplace



Stone Fireplace by Window
Fireplace close-up
Simplistic Fireplace
Black Gas Stove Fireplace



White Gas Stove Fireplace
Direct Vent Fireplace Installation
Installing Two Sided Fireplace
Black Direct Vent Fireplace Installed



Direct Vent Fireplace Installed on Wall
Fireplace Installed in Living Room
Stone Fireplace by Window
Roxbury Fireplace



Insert Gas Fireplace Installation
Gas Insert Fireplace Installed between Windows
Gas Insert Fireplace with Ceramic Background
Gas Insert Fireplace with Stone Background



Installed Napoleon Direct Vent Gas Fireplace
Napoleon Gas Stove Installed in Basement



Gas Log Set Fireplace
gas fireplace with tv above



Before and after photos of a fireplace upgrade
Before and After Fireplace - Kinsman
fireplace before and after



before and after fireplace
Before and After of a Fireplace
Installing a Napoleon gas insert fireplace