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An efficient and properly fit furnace can make all the difference in your home – both in terms of having it heated properly and efficiently and in terms of the quality of air in your house. For those of us who battle cold winters, a good furnace is not just preferred, it is essential.

Although furnaces require very little maintenance and up-keep, it is important that you don’t neglect it totally. After all, if you have a furnace that is working well, you will not only have a warm house and good control over the temperature, you will also be able to heat your home efficiently with less wastage.

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Furnace Filters

Furnaces use a filter system to take out particles which travel through your duct and prevent them from circulating around your house. There are different levels of filtration to choose from, and this can be decided on according to your specific needs as well as the type of furnace that you have.

Changing a Furnace Filter

Filters, by their very nature, need to be changed every now and then. There are three reasons for this:

  1. The filter will become less effective as the particles build up on the inside of the filter, and allowing less air to pass through.
  2. The excess of particles on the inside of the filter can cause clogging and affect the furnace itself.
  3. Your furnace will give out more heat and generally be more efficient if there are no blockages.
  4. Because your furnace doesn’t have to work as hard, the length of life is increased by the changing of air filters.


For those with respiratory problems or allergy issues, the regular changing of your furnace filter is even more important than for those without as it an affect air quality. The frequency of how often you should change your filter depends on the furnace which you have and your unique home environment. Other things to consider are the amount of air pollution in your immediate environment, whether you have smokers in the house, and whether you have pets which shed fur.

It is also important to check with the manufacturer’s details what they recommend in terms of how often you should be changing your furnace filter. Typically, but not in all cases, the higher the cost of the filter, the longer it should last.  So a one month filter might cost $5-$10, whereas a three month filter will be $12 – $20. There are filters that hover around the $100 mark and these filters are often washable and reusable.

To help yourself remember when to change your filters, you can buy multiple filters at once.  Then you can write the dates on them in advanced in marker as to when they should be changed.

Furthermore, keep in mind, changing your filter isn’t important for the winter months, but they should be changed if you are running central air conditioning too.

Finally, before changing your filter, turn off the system at the thermostat, (it shouldn’t be necessary to turn the furnace off at the electrical switch) and wait for the sound of the furnace to stop.

Choosing a Replacement Furnace Filter

When you are deciding which replacement furnace filter to buy, the most important thing to look for is its compatibility with your particular make and model of furnace. Different options include the filter level – the size of the particles that you want to filter out, and the length of time that the filter is likely to last for. Often more expensive filters will last for longer, so it’s worth doing your research before buying your replacement.

The value of having a good and efficient furnace heater is unquestionable, but it is important that you invest a little time and money into ensuring that it is working to its highest level. By making sure that you have the best filter for the job and for your personal needs, you will ensure that you get the best value for money both in terms of your furnace’s functionality and eliminating energy wastage in your home.

If you live in the Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Grimsby or Binbrook area, and are unsure of how to change your filter, call us at Hamilton Home Comfort to step you through the process.