Fireplaces are no longer used for only snuggling up indoors on a cold, wintry day! Now, it’s commonplace to have an outdoor fireplace adorn your patio or deck. Bring the comforts of a blazing fire to your outdoor living space by installing one of Hamilton Home Comfort’s outdoor fireplaces today!

Our Outdoor Fireplaces are the Best in Quality

By selling the Napoleon brand of outdoor fireplaces, rest assured knowing that you are getting a quality product through Hamilton Home Comfort. Manufactured in North America, the commitment to quality and workmanship is industry leading when buying a Napoleon outdoor fireplace.

Enhance Your Backyard’s Visual Appeal with an Outdoor Fireplace

Hamilton Home Comfort’s Napoleon outdoor fireplaces are visually stunning and can create a great focal point for your outdoor living space. When lit up at night, an outdoor fireplace will enhance your space and create an eye catching visual. They are a great way to boost your landscaping design and are the perfect solution to extend your backyard season.

Set the Mood with an Outdoor Fireplace

Besides creating a romantic ambiance, outdoor fireplaces create the perfect space to relax and meditate after a long day. They are also the perfect solution to bring family and friends together for an enjoyable evening.

Beautiful, Modern Designs for Entertaining

Adding a Napoleon outdoor fireplace to your patio or deck creates a great space to entertain friends and family. Our outdoor fireplaces have linear, sleek designs that bring a modern look to your outdoor space. Enjoy a beverage around a blazing fire during a cool evening while remaining comfortably warm. Your home’s backyard will soon become a favourite location for friends and family to relax!

Using Your Outdoor Fireplace

Other than keeping guests warm during cool evenings, outdoor fireplaces provide the perfect solution for cooking as well. Although not as accurate as grills, outdoor fireplaces can be used for cooking by utilizing a fire grate. Don’t forget the smores for dessert!

Contact Hamilton Home Comfort for Professional Advice!

Having trouble choosing an outdoor fireplace for your space? Let the experts at Hamilton Home Comfort help! For the best in quality outdoor fireplaces, contact our staff today.