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When the summer heat strikes you need a way to cool off your home, without increasing your energy costs too much. Air conditioning can turn the hot summer months into an enjoyable experience. However, as a homeowner you’re going to have to make the decision on the best way to cool your home.

Below you’ll find the main differences between Central AC and a Portable Air Conditioning unit, so you can make an informed decision on the best course of action to take.

Central Air Conditioner

Central air conditionerMany homes today that are located in hotter climates tend to have a central air system built right into the existing ductwork. However, if your home doesn’t have a system already integrated then you’re going to have a decision to make.

A central air conditioning system has the benefit of having a thermostat, which you can set to different times of the day to save you money, and ensure your home is cool when you need it. Central air systems can also help to remove humidity from your home.

If you’re a homeowner who’s planning on living in a home for several years, then a central air system may be worth the investment. The upfront costs are more expensive, but they can pay themselves off over time, as they’re much more efficient and quieter overall.

Portable Air Conditioner

cool breeze from portable air conditionerIf you live in a smaller home or apartment then a simple portable AC may be able to suit your needs perfectly. If you are thinking about a portable air conditioner then you need to consider proper ventilation, as they require a condensation and evaporation cycle.

This style of unit is much easier to install and is generally cheaper, unless you’re buying a unit for every room in your home. This style of air conditioner has less control and more temperature variability. Keep in mind that if you buy too small of a unit for your space, then you’ll end up running up your electricity bills without too much cooling taking place.

When choosing a portable air conditioner make sure you choose a unit that has varying cooling settings.

Which One Is Right For Your Needs?

When considering the best air cooling system for your needs you need to take the size of the area you’d like to cool, and your overall budget into account.

Portable and room AC tend to be much less expensive, but can only cool up to a certain square footage. So, if you have a very large home you’re looking to cool, then you may need to invest into a central air system.

It can always be useful to talk with a home air cooling professional, as they’ll be able to determine the best system for your needs. You also always have the option of testing a portable air conditioning unit to see how it performs in your home, and if it doesn’t satisfy your needs you can upgrade to a central air conditioning system.

This route is more expensive, but it will ensure you end up with the perfect air cooling solution. If you have any questions regarding the perfect air cooling setup then contact Hamilton Home Comfort for all of your home cooling needs.