Air conditioning has long since become more than a luxury. Despite the high cost of hydro in Ontario, air conditioning is not something we’re willing to sacrifice. If you own an older home, you may be doing just that. Cooling an older home can be trickier, but when done properly, a central air conditioning system will enhance all that your older home has to offer. Hamilton Home Comfort will take the charm of your older home and mix it with a whole lot of comfort, giving you the best of both worlds.


Older House


Knowing what you’re dealing with is key, and Hamilton Home Comfort can get you there. Depending on the age of your older home, duct work may already be in place, making an air conditioning installation or replacement more easily completed. Any ducts used to deliver heat in the winter can deliver cool air in the warmer months. If your home is already equipped with all the duct work that comes with a central forced air system, the work and cost are considerably less. The disruption in your life will be minimal as well. Converting a boiler or baseboard heating in addition to installing a central air conditioner is a bigger job but one that Hamilton home comfort has tackled many times.

If your older home already has a central heating and cooling system, installing or replacing an energy efficient air conditioner can be done with ease. If you are replacing an old air conditioner, you will be delighted with the choices you now have in air conditioners. Energy efficiency has come a long way, making air conditioning more affordable and easier on the environment. If air conditioning is new to your older home, you will be equally delighted in the comfort central air conditioning can bring. A cool home is one that can be better enjoyed, even in the dead heat of summer. Never mind that a central air conditioning system will be a selling feature when it comes time to sell. A new air conditioning system in an older home can even increase your property value.

Many owners of older homes have settled for those bulky, ugly and inefficient window units. Often several units are needed, making this choice less inexpensive than you would think. Installing central air conditioning in your older home is an investment and one that will pay you back over and over again.

Older Houses with no Duct Work

If no ducts exist in your older home but you have become intolerant of that noisy, messy window unit that doesn’t quite do the trick, no worries. Hamilton Home comfort has solutions for you. Even if you’re only interested in cooling part of your house, there are better systems out there than the window unit that not only performs poorly but can pose a security risk to you and your loved ones. Talk to Hamilton Home Comfort to discuss your options.

Whichever air conditioning system you choose for your older house, it’s important to consider the electrical in the home. While older homes are famous for not having air conditioning, they are also known for their lack of amps. You will need to have the room in your breaker panel to add any air conditioning unit. Hamilton Home Comfort will assess your needs in the electrical department.

Some other things that can be done to improve the performance of a new air conditioner in an older home are to ensure existing heating and cooling systems already in place are big enough to handle the new cooler air exchange. Ensure that all ducts are properly sealed to ensure there is minimal air loss. A high-efficiency air conditioner is only as efficient as the supporting players. Something as simple as floor vents can make or break the efficiency of that new air conditioner. Older style registers may be too restrictive and can decrease air flow substantially. Consider replacing them.

Buying an Older Home

The housing market is crazy in Hamilton, Burlington, and Stoney Creek, and many older houses that would be previously overlooked are being snapped up. You’ll find many homes in the Delta West neighbourhood near Gage Park, or in neighbourhoods like Sherwood, Balfour and Greenford that have poor duct work or insufficient electrical power for efficient air conditioning. If you’re on a tight budget, and having air conditioning is a deal breaker, take the time to examine the duct work, or the house’s electric service. If the house does have central air, however, the unit is old and outdated, you may want to negotiate a better price and use those savings to upgrade to a better ac unit.

If you’ve suffered through the hot summer days that the Southern Ontario climate can bring, cool air can’t come fast enough. There are no simple solutions to problems when you live in an older home. Take the time needed to make this decision. Hamilton Home Comfort will sit down with you and consider your needs, budget and preference and discuss your options to have you feeling cool in no time.