Cozy Fireplace

Since 2001, hundreds of homes have sprung up in the lovely, up-and-coming neighbourhoods of Binbrook. With many new builds in the area, some homes have been designed to include one or more fireplaces, most commonly found in the living room, and sometimes in the master suite. New homes generally have a warranty that can last up to five years, and once this time has passed, the owner becomes responsible for any repairs or deficiencies that may occur in their home. Fortunately, Hamilton Home Comfort is available to all residents of Binbrook for fireplace repair and installation.

Binbrook is the perfect location to enjoy the luxury of a gas or wood-burning fire place. With minimal development and a flat geographic landscape, Binbrook is especially susceptible to exceedingly cold winds and snow drifts in the winter time. A fireplace is a great way to localize your home’s heating; so that you can efficiently heat the parts of your home you spend time in, without paying to heat all areas of the house to the same temperature. To many people’s surprise, Binbrook has access to wonderful walking trails and the Binbrook Conservation Area – a great spot to spend some time over the holiday season. But, there is no better way to warm up on a snowy day than to curl up by your new, warm fire place!

Whether you live in a new build in neighbourhoods like Summerlea or Binbrook Heights, or perhaps you have an old country home, there are many fireplace styles and models to choose from if you are thinking of installing a new fireplace that suits your interior design. At Hamilton Home Comfort, we suggest that you consider a fireplace that uses natural gas, or a traditional wood fire place, for the most authentic fire that can really help establish the ambiance of your home all year around. Installation can almost always be completed in one day, at a time that works best for you and your family.

Safety is always an important factor to consider, and while we often like to say don’t fix what isn’t broken, it is important to conduct routine checks on your fireplace, whether it be gas, electric or wood-burning, to ensure the safety of your family and friends at your home. Only trust a certified technician to make repairs on your fireplace or to install one, brand-new. Your technician should ensure that your fireplace is running as safely, smoothly and efficiently as possible. The specialists at Hamilton Home Comfort are fully certified and have over 25 years of experience in installation, repair and maintenance – whether your home is new or old. Not only are annual check-ups important with the winter weather quickly approaching, maintenance checks are necessary to ensure you are not at risk for any gas leaks or other damaging malfunctions.

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