The key to keeping your furnace efficiently heating your home all winter is regular furnace maintenance. Some things you can do yourself – like changing your furnace filter at regular intervals; other types of maintenance should only be done by trained HVAC professionals. At Hamilton Home Comfort, our technicians perform maintenance to help keep the homes of our customers throughout the Hamilton, Binbrook, Grimsby, Ancaster, and Burlington area comfortable during the colder months of the year.

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In addition to ensuring that your home is efficiently heated, regular maintenance checks on your furnace are important to the safety of your home. Just like you should have your vehicle inspected periodically, it is important to have your furnace inspected.

Why Have an Inspection for your Gas Furnace?

  • Provide safety for yourself and your family by detecting any leaks of carbon monoxide gas.
  • Ensure that your furnace is operating at peak efficiency – saving you money on utility bills!
  • Diagnose and correct any minor problems before they become major ones that can lead to breakdowns and costly repair bills.
  • Prolong the life of your furnace.
  • Improve your indoor air quality.

What Does a Maintenance Check Consist of?

When our technicians arrive at your home to inspect your furnace, they perform a number of diagnostic checks including:

  • Checking the operating pressures of your furnace.
  • Inspection of the condensation system.
  • Perform a carbon monoxide (CO) safety test.
  • Determine whether there is any problematic debris inside the chimney flue.
  • Ensure unit is operating according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Inspect fan belt and make adjustments if necessary.
  • Put the unit through a full operation cycle.

What Happens if There is a Problem During the Maintenance Inspection?

If our technicians encounter any areas of concern when they are performing their inspection, they will perform a full safety check to pinpoint the cause of any failures or inefficiencies. You will then be provided with a report and recommendations on what should be done in order to bring your furnace back to full operating efficiency.

Furnace Maintenance Plans

While our technicians are always happy to come to your home and perform a requested maintenance inspection, we do recommend that our clients sign up for a regular maintenance plan.

Let’s face it – life gets busy, and most people do not give their furnaces much thought until there is a problem. Signing up for a plan takes furnace maintenance off your list of things to think about. When it is time for your next inspection, we contact you and arrange an appointment.

At Hamilton Home Comfort, our furnace maintenance plans are affordable and worry-free.  You can sign up whether you purchased your furnace from us or not!

Commitment to Customer Service

Our technicians are committed to providing you the very best in customer service. We pride ourselves on being friendly and professional and will always take the time to answer any questions that you may have.

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