Man looking at Furnace Blueprints

Considering the long history behind the town of Grimsby, dating back to the 1700’s when a group of Empire Loyalists settled at the mouth of 40 Mile Creek, there are many old, historical homes with an abundance of character. This has given Grimsby a sought after character, increasing the value of real estate with buyer desire skyrocketing over the past 5 to 10 years.

That being said, many older homes need more than just a facelift to be suitable for sale, or for comfortable living, especially in the winter months. Temperatures in Grimsby and towards the Niagara region will drop to an average low of -35 degrees Celsius – this is not the time for your heating equipment to give out on you! Your furnace and duct work requires attention annually, becoming increasingly important with age.

Consider obtaining a Hamilton Home Comfort maintenance agreement, to ensure that you are always comfortable by providing regularly scheduled checks that will ease your mind with security and confidence for your heating and cooling needs as winter approaches. Schedules are made at a convenient time for the customer’s satisfaction. Duct work can also be checked within your maintenance agreement, and you can be sure that you are set for a warm winter.

Efficiency is key, and hard to achieve in an older home. Hamilton Home Comfort offers a variety of furnaces that have varying levels of efficiency depending on your budget and the size of your home. Remember that efficiency can also be achieved by ensuring that windows and doorways are replaced if they are letting in excessive amounts of cold air.

If you know your furnace is in need of replacing, ensure that you are working with a specialist who is fully certified with years of experience in installation, repair and maintenance. The experienced professionals at Hamilton Home Comfort have worked to repair or replace furnaces in older homes in Grimsby and the surrounding areas. Whether you are living in a new build on the lakeshore or an historic house closer to the downtown village, Hamilton Home Comfort is equipped for your all of your furnace needs.

I would recommend Home Comfort to anyone looking for a furnace. Our furnace broke down during this cold spell. They were quick to respond, very helpful trying to repair our old furnace in order to get us through till it could be replaced. When installing our new furnace staff were very knowledgeable, professional and provided excellent service.