Man looking at Furnace Blueprints

Hamilton is transitioning from what had become a has-been, steel town to a trendy arts community. Along with the thriving real estate market for sellers, this cultural shift has helped increase the value of Hamiltonian living space, especially on the mountain.  Even with many older neighbourhoods built in the 1950’s and 1960’s, first time buyers and new families are especially interested in purchasing their first home in Hamilton, especially if the fundamentals are still in good shape.  That being said, whether you are looking to make some renovations and repairs to sell your home, or if you are looking to ensure your warmth and comfort this winter season, it is important to conduct annual check-ups on your furnace so that you can be proactive about repairs or replacements before winter comes in full force.

It is amazing that the weather can vary within one city; however Hamilton has some special attributes because of its geographic landscape, sitting partially above and below the escarpment. A quick drive up James St. South can see a change in temperature of up to three degrees Celsius in the winter, with heavier snowfall and higher wind chills.  Be mindful of your property location, as severe winter winds and exceedingly low temperatures can have your furnace running at full capacity in no time!

Only trust a certified technician to make repairs on your furnace or to install a brand new machine. Your technician should ensure that your furnace is running as safely, smoothly, efficiently and as quietly as possible. Not only are annual check-ups important if you are looking at doing some home renovations or feel the winter weather quickly approaching, maintenance checks are necessary to ensure you are achieving maximum furnace performance in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

The specialists at Hamilton Home Comfort are fully certified and have over 25 years of experience in installation, repair and maintenance. Their experience repairing or replacing furnaces in older homes in Hamilton has equipped them with the tools to work with out of date furnaces and duct work, so that they can bring new warmth and life to any space. Whether you are living in a new build on the mountain or an historic home closer to the downtown core, Hamilton Home Comfort is equipped for all of your furnace repair and installation services.

Don’t let a rundown furnace keep you from hosting family and friends and enjoying the holiday season!

I cannot express how easy it was to have Home Comfort come and replace my 20year old furnace and ac unit without any pressure or obligation by a sales person. I asked what promotions they had and they responded right away online. No sales pressure at all unlike other companies. They came and took my measurements, next thing they had great technicians come and do the installation. It was quick, easy and affordable with good name brand products. I’m happy my online research guided me to this company. Hope this helps to other home buyers.