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Did you know that heating and cooling accounts for nearly half of your home’s energy costs? Most homeowners dread getting their utility bills because rates have skyrocketed in the past years making heating and cooling more expensive than ever before; however, there is something that you can do to combat the costs with the new technology of smart thermostats.


Nest Smart Thermostat


Smart thermostats are the next generation of temperature regulators by offering more control over your home’s temperature and climate through automation. These thermostats are efficient, allow you to use less energy, help the environment, and offer homeowners greater savings each month on their energy bill.

Smart Technology

Today’s technologies for many types of appliances have come a long way and smart thermostats are no exception. Smart thermostats offer Wi-Fi capabilities that go beyond temperature control. These Wi-Fi thermostats contain sensors, which control the heating and cooling in a home and work in conjunction with your HVAC system. What’s really neat is that they allow homeowners to connect these units to their devices.

This means that you have the ability to control your home’s temperature even when you’re not home by logging in from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. You can make corrections to your thermostat, so if you ever forget to turn down your settings before going to work or on vacation, this feature is very helpful!

Human Error

Smart thermostats take the human error out of the equation by learning your schedule and preferences, making it easier to be energy efficient. The automation allows the thermostat to handle the dropping and raising of the home’s temperature while you come and go, leaving the task out of manual control to smart technology. Anyone who has ever experienced leaving the AC or heater running all day while away from the house will appreciate the way a smart thermostat operates.

Not only do these units offer you peace of mind, but they are like a window into your home, keeping an eye on your house. A smart thermostat allows you to check the companion app while you’re away from home to see if the heat or cooling is running and at what temperature. That’s a world of difference from the old, outdated, manual operation that most of us have messed up in the past.


With smart thermostats, you have flexibility in the palm of your hands. Whether you’re coming home early from work, heading home from the airport or still in bed and wish it was a bit warmer, you can adjust the temperature from anywhere with your mobile device.

You can get emailed alerts in the event of your home’s temperature falling or rising outside of your pre-determined range and make the correct adjustments. If your network is experiencing a problem, such as a power outage, you can be notified of that situation, too.

Easy to Use

Thanks to the modern screen design and companion apps, smart thermostats are easy to use and program. Unlike some of the difficulties operating older programmable thermostats, this generation of smart thermostats are well designed, simple to operate and offer a range of benefits unlike anything before them.

You can even analyze your energy usage with their new technology. Track your energy usage each month and get an easy-to-read monthly report. The report can provide information about how much your heat ran last month or tell you how much energy you used compared to other users. Now that’s smart!

Get in the Groove

Smart thermostats are all the rage these days and can help you be more energy efficient, save you money on utility bills and provide a tremendous amount of smart technology, flexibility and ease of operation, so get in the groove and update today.