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Getting ready for a summer vacation entails a lot of preparation before you lock the door and head out. You may have to pack up the car, take out the trash, ask someone to collect your mail and water your plants so they’re still alive when you return from your excursion. Among the many things on your mind in preparing to embark on a vacation, you may have overlooked one of the most import items, setting your thermostat while you’re away.

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Many homeowners think they can just shut down their air conditioner during their trip, but is that the best solution? In reality, adding a few degrees to your thermostat while you’re out of town is actually better than a full shutdown. Not only will it give your HVAC system a break too, but turning your thermostat up a few degrees during the hot summer season will surely save you some dollars, but what is the ideal temperature to set?

Summer Vacation Settings:

A good rule of thumb for indoor temperature settings while away during the summertime is to set the thermostat at 29 Celsius. This higher setting (in comparison to the recommended 24 Celsius when at home) will continue to bring a positive effect in your environment because it will help to avoid excessive humidity in the house.

Excessive heat and humidity in your home can lead to mildew and damage wall compounds in Sheet-rock, which is the last thing you want to see upon your return from vacation. The excessive heat can cause wood floors in your home to expand, crack or buckle and damage your fine furniture.

Too much humidity can also cause refrigerators to sweat when the house is too hot and humid, so you do want to keep your air conditioner running at a reasonable pace. Here is another note to remember. Anything over the four-degree differential is detrimental because if you set the thermostat too high, you might find your own temperature rising when you see your next electricity bill. You will have to run it too long to get back to a more comfortable level.

Another way to help keep your home a comfortable environment awaiting your return is (in addition to your thermostat) to keep your curtains and blinds closed while you’re away, too. By darkening your home, you will prevent the sunlight from coming through your windows and increasing the temperature in your home.


If you want to save even more money on your electricity bill during the time your away, you can upgrade to the convenience of a programmable thermostat. With a programmable thermostat, you can simply set the temperature for the week while you’re away, and schedule it to turn down to 24 Celsius the day before you get home.

Newer thermostat systems give you the power to change your home’s temperature remotely with smartphone apps, allowing you to adjust the temperature setting based on changing outside temperature. At the least, you can enter a new setting as you head back from vacation, so you don’t walk into an uncomfortably muggy home. Instead, your air conditioner will be busily operating to reach the new temperature while you travel back.

Stay Comfortable:

Going on vacation is something everyone enjoys, but few of us want to return to a hot, humid or potentially damaged environment, so follow these guidelines for an environmentally comfortable return home. To have a programmable thermostat installed, or for air conditioning repair in Hamilton, Burlington, Milton and Grimsby contact Hamilton Home Comfort today.