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Gone are the days when you needed to painstakingly stack wood and carefully light a fire. Gas fireplaces make creating a relaxing, warm atmosphere as easy as switching a little switch!

Fully Installed Home Fireplace


Although most homeowners know how easy and convenient gas fireplaces are to use, knowing where the best location for a gas fireplace to be located can be difficult. And like many questions, the answer to where you should locate your gas fireplace is not straightforward!

Choosing the Most Efficient Place to Locate Your Gas Fireplace

Because gas fireplaces primarily heat the immediate room that they are located in, it’s best to place them in rooms that are normally cooler – yet are frequently used. In many homes, this means the basement.

By placing your gas fireplace in the room that is more frequently used, ambiance and warmth can be instantly added. Over the cooler months, many families tend to hibernate in their basements – and since the basements tend to be cooler, a gas fireplace becomes quite popular in this room.

Any heat that does extend past the basement has a chance of reaching the rest of the home since heat rises.

Family Room: Another Great Option for a Gas Fireplace

For people that either don’t have a basement or don’t utilize it often, think about which room you do use frequently. Main floor family rooms are sometimes the answer to this question.

Placing a gas fireplace in a room that you and your family frequently utilize means that the immediate area is heated, which contributes to energy savings.

Gas fireplaces use less BTU’s then furnaces (typically about a quarter less), so when your furnace does not need to be used as often due to a gas fireplace, less energy is consumed.

Efficient Gas Fireplaces Contribute to Energy Savings

Savings add up on your monthly energy bill when you install an efficient gas fireplace!

Not only do gas fireplaces decrease the amount of fuel consumed by your furnace, but using an efficient gas fireplace can reduce home heating bills by 20 to 40 percent!

The Benefits of Having a Gas Fireplace

It’s no secret that homeowners love their fireplaces! In fact, owning a gas fireplace is one of the top features on the list of amenities that home buyers look for when buying a home.

By being accessed with a remote control or a wall switch, there is an ease associated with using a gas fireplace. In addition, a certain type of ambiance is created – perfect for entertaining with friends or enjoying a relaxing night in as a couple.

Contact the Experts at Hamilton Home Comfort

Gas fireplaces can be installed basically anywhere you want to enjoy a fire’s comfort. Choose from a variety of styles to find the perfect one to match your home’s decor!

Have your house feel more like a home with the addition of a gas fireplace! Contact the professionals at Hamilton Home Comfort to find out more about installing a gas fireplace in your home.