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lennox-furnace-installed-by-hamilton-home-comfortGroundhog day has come and gone and despite what Wiarton Willy has to say, winter is here to stay. At least for the next six weeks. Keep those toes toasty with your reliable furnace.

When you first turned the heat on this fall, your furnace didn’t let you down. As the cold blustery winter continues, be sure to return that favour and show that furnace a little winter love.

Furnace Filters

A clean filter that is changed out regularly is your furnace’s best friend. This is the number one important thing you can do for your furnace. If you are using a high-end filter, it will perform better than its cheaper counterparts but can restrict air flow. They will filter out smaller particles and can make the air you breathe cleaner. They need to be changed out less frequently (every three to six months).

The cheaper filters will be a little easier on the blower but don’t filter out small particles like the higher-end filters out there. These filters will work just fine for any furnace but will need to be changed monthly. Many will choose to change their furnace filters on the first day of each month.

When compared, both kinds of filters will end up costing roughly the same over the life of your furnace. Keeping a clean filter in the furnace is especially important during the winter months when all the window and doors are locked up tight and the quality of your air might not be at its best.

Declutter your Furnace Surrounding

Reduce clutter around your furnace. During the winter months, your furnace will need to go that extra mile. Your furnace is also likely to need a repair when it’s working it’s hardest. Don’t make it hard for the professionals to navigate to your furnace if it does break down. Cold nights will need a lot of heat and having things stacked around the area of your furnace will make it difficult for it to do its job. Clutter will decrease efficiency. Clutter around the furnace will also pose a hazard. A good rule of thumb is nothing within 18 inches of a furnace unit.

Furnace Inspection

If you haven’t already, now is the time to have your furnace inspected and cleaned. Everything needs a check-up from time to time and your furnace is no exception. Call in the professionals to give it a once over along with a good scrub. This yearly maintenance will prolong the life and efficiency of the unit and keep it humming along all winter.

Most furnaces are gas and a few are still oil. It is advisable that any repairs to your furnace unit be done by a professional.

Taking care of your furnace during the months when it works hardest for you, will keep it in great working condition for longer. A furnace that isn’t encumbered by dust, dirt, and a filthy filter, will work more efficiently, saving you money in the long run.

From installation to repairs and routine maintenance our certified technicians at Hamilton Home Comfort will keep your furnace running quietly, smoothly and efficiently. Contact us today and our team of experts will be ready to help you with all your furnace needs.